From the Horses Mouth

For over 25 years, Tectvs has defined the City of Adelaide through both small and large projects.

From the Central Market Lift and Clocktower (listed as one of the top 100 Australian buildings of last century) to Cinema Nova (Rundle Street's first new building in 100 years), to Air Apartments on Greenhill Road and the Watson Art Series Hotel at Walkerville, Tectvs has been there, done that, but are still thirsty for more. 

In this interview, Tectvs Director and founder Francesco Bonato sits down for an in-depth interview on his upbringing, how Tectvs came to be, and on whether or not he really did once have a Ferrari as a company car. 

In the words of host Martin Ridge: 

"It's hard to imagine living in the City of Adelaide without Tectvs."