The TAP Design Workshops have responded to the effect of cultural, historic and natural values through the re-adaptation and reactivation of environments and buildings within the context of rapid urban change. Issues of sustainability, preservation, integration, cultural regionalism & identity all have been promoted.

Co-led by Tectvs Director Tony Giannone (donning his hat as an Adjunct Associate Professor), the 'TAP' International design workshop held its studio presentations at the University of Adelaide. Students from the Politecnico Milan (Mantova, Milan, Italy), Tongji University (Shanghai, China) and the University of Adelaide (Adelaide, Australia) spent two weeks in Adelaide working on a urban proposal for the 'Riverbank West' site, utlising principles in adaptive reuse.

The reclamation of this site presents a forgotten linkage of the City’s Parklands


The TAP Design Workshop for 2016 offered and informed a site response to the dichotomy between one of the oldest buildings in South Australia the old Adelaide Goal (1840) and an early 1900’s & 1960’s architectural conglomerate housing the former Police Barracks and Mounted Police. 

The reclamation of this site presents a forgotten linkage of the City’s Parklands interned by road & river, infrastructure & active horse paddocks dissected by railway lines ... a perfect scene of built up urban collisions ... all against a backdrop of the rapid development of the new Adelaide Hospital and Biomedical Precinct ... and ... as some would contest a rapid and unnecessary urban confrontation into the Parklands of the original City Plan. 

More about previous year's studios can be found here

The TAP Committee includes: 
Federico Bucci, Politecnico di Milano
Laura Pierantoni, Politecnico di Milano
Matteo Moscatelli, Politecnico di Milano
Jian Long Zhang, Tongji University
Wei Cen, Tongji University
George Zillante, University of Adelaide
Tony Giannone, University of Adelaide