To Learn Is to Teach

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At Tectvs, we firmly believe in giving back by sharing our knowledge. For years we have had a successful and close relationship with the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Adelaide. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing former students go on to become Architects - many at Tectvs. 

To develop an understanding of the importance of architecture and the value of design within the community, we believe it essential to communicate directly to your audience. We view teaching as valuable to us as Architects both in terms of giving back, but also by learning through teaching.

Becoming a registered Architect is a long process! It usually takes a three year undergraduate degree, a two year Masters program (and it is becoming increasingly common for students to undertake a double Masters program) followed by an accreditation exam that requires at least 2 years experience practicing. Therefore, the skill sets that students learn at university are better served as both social and professional assets.

This is not to say that every path a student takes will lead them towards practising architecture, but rather, that architecture is a way of thinking: a process of thought and its implementation which manifests itself spatially, creatively and by the end of a degree, intuitively.

At Tectvs, we have two Adjunct Associate Professors and two PhD candidates on staff

Professional Practice 

In Professional Practice, Tectvs Director and Architect Francesco Bonato shares his wealth of knowledge around practice by teaching the essentials of the design profession. Taught to Masters of Architecture students at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Adelaide, the course teaches students the skills they need to survive post-graduation world: Curriculum Vitae preparation, the organisation of how firms operate and the technical know how of the design profession. Fran is an ever popular Adjunct Associate Professor amongst the students, where his dry wit resonates well with a broad and engaged audience of aspiring architects. 

Professional Practice is an integral component of the school's Master's of Architecture course structure, where enrolment has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Francesco engages the students d uring an studio crit-session

Francesco engages the students during an studio crit-session

International Studio 

Tectvs Director Tony Giannone has been fortunate enough to be a part of a unique and ambitious international design studio.

As part of his role as an Adjunct Associate Professor within the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) at the University of Adelaide - and with the support and active co-operation of the Head of School, George Zillante - Tony has embarked on an ambitious design workshop spanning 3 years and 3 continents. Representing SABE, Tony has collaborated with the Milan Polytechnic (Milan, Italy) and Tongji University (Shanghai, China) to organise an International Studio and design workshop that involves 3 groups of students visiting 3 different cities over 3 years.



PhD Research 

At Tectvs, we are also fortunate enough to have two PhD Candidates on staff. 

Heather Wasley is researching affordable Housing in the Australian context through her PhD entitled "Architects and Homes for 'the man on the street': The involvement of Architects in the provision of affordable market housing in South Australia (1953 - 2013). In 2014, Heather was the recipient of the inaugural 2014 Trish Ryan Bursary, an award given by the Australian Federation of University Women. 

Athanasios Lazarou is looking into ways of mapping architecture's role within abstract political events through his PhD titled "Event: the Architectural Production of Space". His research has taken him to Athens on numerous occasions and he has presented at conferences in both London, UK and Aachen, Germany.

Furthermore, Director Francesco Bonato is qualified as a post-graduate research supervisor and currently has one student under his supervision. 

Architecture school is long and hard. A good teacher teaches design as a lifestyle 

Architecture school is long and hard. A good teacher teaches design as a lifestyle