After 10 years at our current location on Field Street, our Adelaide office has moved to 167 Flinders Street. All other contact details, including our telephone numbers, will remain the same.

At Tectvs we’ve always had an attraction to the path of more-resistance. We see disruption and change as positive agents for the success of the practice. 

This move announces our firmest attempt yet at seeking ‘the new’. In moving office we are also moving our culture to the team at Intersect co-working. The team at Tectvs maintain its practice independence, occupying a space on level one within the larger Intersect space on Flinders Street. Our iMacs will still be rendering, our (mobile) phones will still be ringing, Mel will still be our team captain - but our desks will be tidier, our relationships stronger, and our coffees made by the in-house barista. Tectvs will still be Tectvs, but it will be part of a new and expanded Tectvs family.

As we enter our 28th year of practice this move allows us to focus more on what really matters; delivering strong built outcomes for our clients and the community. The ever-increasing business of our Melbourne office only reinforces this approach. 

This move announces our firmest attempt yet at seeking ‘the new’

Intersect is a natural partner for us, serving a fun, forward-thinking and flexible work environment and business community. Their network and extensive membership practices will allow us to grow the Tectvs family in exciting ways.

The principles of co-working: shared spaces, informal gatherings, and flexible networking, are an attractive proposition to us. We believe it can build on our already-existing positive office culture and future-proof the social infrastructure of the practice for years to come. Co-working also speaks to the design heritage of Tectvs, an ethos rooted in cooperative regional traditions. Red was the colour of a defiant regional identity and red is the colour of Tectvs to this day.

We hope you join us on this new direction. After nearly three decades we are still hungry for more, still foolish enough to try the new, and still proud enough to test it publicly. 

To the future,

Antonio Giannone, Francesco Bonato, Gary Bonato