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Civic + infrastructure

The design of contemporary public buildings can often focus almost entirely on practical outcomes, which can divert or prevent the architecture from exploring or achieving high-quality design outcomes that are not only functional but also architecturally creative, artistic and/or innovative. Tectvs carefully considers all design imperatives to ensure clients have well-considered civic and infrastructure buildings that introduce a sense of sculptural elegance to their surroundings, presenting positive opportunities for the people and communities that will use these spaces and bring them to life. 

Tectvs also focuses on sustainability; we will not provide interim solutions that need replacing after a relatively short period. Our designs are created for the long-term, considering and envisioning the suitability and practicality for future generation's use and enjoyment.  

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Wayville Railway Station and Pedestrian Overpass, Wayville

The brief was to develop an iconic design for a new domestic train station and pedestrian overpass adjacent to the showgrounds at Wayville. Tectvs adopted a repeatable structural solution - an appearance that initially presents itself as simple as taking a box girder bridge and twisting it 90 degrees - a clean alliance between structure and form.


Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple, Sellicks Beach

The Nan Hai Pu Tuo Buddhist Temple and Retreat represents a substantial investment into the Southern Coastline of Sellicks Beach, South Australia. Key to the project is its center-piece: an 18-metre-tall granite Buddha hand-carved from China alongside a 35-metre traditional pagoda structure.

Temple 02.jpg

Central Market Clock Tower and Lift, Adelaide

The Central Market is an Adelaide icon, the geographic and cultural heart of the city. Tectvs was asked to design a new entry statement on the market's Gouger Street frontage in the form of a lift/stair tower. Our design was a dynamic but straightforward structure; bold but not domineering.


Burnside Substation Upgrade, Burnside

As a rule, electricity substations do not make civic statements; nor do they contribute to the streetscape. Rather than approaching this challenge with hesitance, Tectvs embraced the project as an opportunity. The solution separates the built form from its functional identity to better integrate within the community not as a substation - but as a jewellery box.


Port Lincoln Fire Station, Port Lincoln

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service commissioned the construction of a new station to provide a high-quality resource for training and housing fire-fighting crews and equipment for the major regional centre of Port Lincoln and surrounding rural communities of the lower Eyre Peninsula.

Port Lincoln Fire Station 05.JPG

Kent Town Substation Upgrade, Kent Town

The design approach for a substation, on a challenging site, located in the inner-city suburb of Kent Town was approached in two ways. A playful and postmodern laser etching referenced the existing residential frontage, and the main substation adopted the modernist language of pre-cast concrete details.

Kent town substation.jpg
Civic + infrastructure: Recent Projects
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