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Adaptive reuse

Buildings are seen as static, permanent structures, with a rich and complex history that tells a story about the lives we have lived.

Adaptive reuse has become an essential tool for promoting sustainability, while also encouraging preservation to allow buildings to take on new life and adapt to new uses in response to changing times, values, and cultural identities. 

Cost-effective adaptive reuse will remain a focus for Tectvs Architecture as we make every effort to preserve our precious heritage.

Adaptive reuse: Welcome

32 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Following talk of an impending interim heritage listing, 32 Waymouth Street started the design process as a cry for help. Tectvs actively engaged with the presented heritage of the building to form a positive dialogue between old and new and kept the existing built envelope, transforming a tired space into a space that rarely sleeps.


Hayborough Building, Adelaide

The three-storey Hayborough Building has been a presence on Rundle Street since the 1880s. First, the Heritage-listed building needed to be stabilised, and secondly, reinvigorated aesthetically and commercially. The Tectvs solution revitalised the Hayborough Building as a commercial address and reconnected it with the street.

Hayborough 03.jpg

Grote Street, Adelaide

The State-heritage listed E. J. Woods model school (1875) was the first secondary school in the Commonwealth of Australia. Tectvs was approached to reinvigorate the masonry hall, providing contemporary services and spatial requirements to a centuries-old piece of South Australian heritage.


Air Apartments (ETSA Building) Redevelopment, Eastwood

The “old ETSA building” had stood in empty neglect on the edge of the Adelaide Park Lands for a decade. In 2002, the new owner charged Tectvs with turning the 40-year-old cream brick edifice into Adelaide’s premier apartment complex. The outcome was Air, a $100-million transformation comprising 140 apartments with unsurpassed panoramic views across the city.


The Watson Hotel and Apartment, Walkerville

Asian Pacific Building Corporation has developed a unique range of boutique ‘art’ hotels in Australia. In Adelaide, the concept is being expanded with a boutique hotel, apartment and serviced office complex of 300 rooms built as a redevelopment of the landmark two-tower 1964 Highways Administration Building at Walkerville.

Adaptive reuse: Recent Projects
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