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Commercial + workplace

Workplaces have become an extension of our lifestyle. As workplace cultures shift more and more toward variability, working within the scope of the brief to create a flexible workspace is vital.

Tectvs believe that the design of an office space can inspire interaction, invoke a feeling, influence workplace culture, and create opportunities for engagement between the people using the area.

What matters most is the relationship between a space and the identity of the people using it. Good, cohesive architecture will create harmony by marrying these two elements together.

Commercial + workplace: Welcome

Tandem Offices, South Yarra, VIC

Tectvs was tasked with developing a flexible co-working office in South Yarra. What emerged was a series of private meeting spaces, natural break out zones, performative after-hours spaces, and, as with all co-working spaces, the premium yield on maximising lettable desk space. The effect is a productive, cohesive shared work environment.


Palace Nova Cinema, Prospect

The Palace Nova Cinema complex is an exciting entertainment destination. It brings cinema-goers a boutique, modern experience that respects the historic South Australian suburb of Prospect that embraces it.

Palace Nova image 04.jpg

Mitolo Wines Cellar Door and Restaurant, McLaren Vale

A muscular addition to McLaren Vale, the Mitolo Wines Cellar Door and Restaurant powerfully announces itself in the landscape. Fire, earth, wind, and water collide across a composition of shipping containers joined through a lightweight glass hearth housing a tasting room and restaurant.


Angas Street Carpark and Office, Adelaide

A large, new hospital located in Angas Street, Adelaide produced a need for more parking spaces for the patients, visitors, and employees. The solution a new carpark, where innovative architecture has been allowed to shine through!

Angas Street Carpark and Office 01_edite

Italia Ceramics Showroom, Glynde

Through an ongoing relationship with Tectvs, Italia Ceramics sought to redevelop its existing showroom to better reflect changing sales and workplace conditions. The new showroom reflects both the best conditions for space and the customer to subsequently view the space.

Italia Ceramics 03.jpg

South Melbourne Football Club, Albert Park

After several redevelopments, it was time for South Melbourne Football Club and Lakeside Stadium to receive its communal heart. The success of the project is evidenced by how the new spaces have allowed the relationship between the club and community to grow even closer together.


Innovation House, Mawson Lakes

Innovation House was built as the public face of Technology Park at the gateway to its Mawson Lakes precinct. The design intent was to reinvent the facility as a truly South Australian “innovation experience.” The new buildings became the public face of Technology Park; the gateway to the Mawson Lakes precinct.


Xerts Restaurant, Darling Harbor, NSW

Xerts was a futuristic restaurant and entertainment venue created as part of a major urban redevelopment project in the Darling Harbor precinct of Sydney. Tectvs developed every component of the design and fitout, starting with the name and including space-themed characters, interiors, merchandise, and a touch-screen multi-media ordering and entertainment system.


Seal Bay Visitor Centre, Kangaroo Island

Each year 100,000 visit the Kangaroo Island coastal wildlife sanctuary and its sole amenity, the Seal Bay Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre was designed to blend with the natural environment and demonstrate energy-saving and minimal-impact principles, including solar power and composting waste management.

Seal Bay 04.jpg

TPI (Totally and permanently Incapacitated Ex-Serviceman and Women State Headquarters), Richmond

Tectvs was engaged to re-design the building to meet Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen and Women (TPI’s) operational requirements and establish a new visual identity for the organisation on busy Richmond Road. The outcome was a programme to extend the Richmond Road building and design a complete fit-out of the interior, including furniture and equipment.

TPI 01.jpg
Commercial + workplace: Recent Projects
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