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Palace Nova Cinema, Prospect

Boutique cinema complex evokes the elegance of a bygone era

City of Prospect Excellence in Urban Design Awards, (Excellence in Commercial Development), 2017

The Palace Nova Cinema complex is an exciting entertainment destination. It brings cinema-goers a boutique, modern experience that honours the historic South Australian suburb of Prospect that embraces it.

The development heralded a fresh wave of brand-new, local business growth, and highlights the City of Prospect’s economic development direction. Tectvs' architecture pays homage to local creativity and heritage with its curved lines recalling a bygone era, recreating the glamour of the early 20th century and the elegance of art deco design. The standard of finish of the mixed-use building is faultless. The stained glass visual focal point of the external façade, designed by Matt Stuckey, features the image of a couple visiting the movies. The surrounding zig-zag patterns re-state the building’s architectural lines. Another stunning design aspect is the lettering and gloves featured on the side of the building, which pays tribute to the local A.S. Horne Glove Factory. The original molds used for the reproduction were discovered in the cellar during the demolition process. 

Located on the western side of Prospect Road, the complex has an extensive frontage of 41 metres and a land area totalling 1,900 sqm. The complex features retail shops, cafes, and restaurants at ground level while the cinema complex itself tempts patrons with 14 screens, from intimate, boutique-style theatrettes through to larger theatres. The fourth-level commercial space boasts balconies that take full advantage of stunning views of the Adelaide foothills. The development also offers the convenience of 2-levels of onsite parking.

Palace Nova Cinemas: Welcome
Palace Nova Cinemas: Gallery
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