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Guild Terraces, Bowden

Guild Terraces are an opportunity to live life more interesting

The success of Bowden’s urban renewal is a reflection of its locality, architecture, and its diverse, ever-growing community. The Guild Terrace Townhouses provide two or three stories of high-quality living and overlook a beautifully landscaped reserve. Tectvs designed each townhouse to connect residents to the broader Bowden community and all it has to offer. 

Creative architecture plays with the use of bricks in the building’s façade, and they feature extensively to provide a textural, decorative, and, of course, functional aspect to each townhouse. The result, contemporary, modern homes that complement the streetscape and reflect the historical aspects of the development.

Energy efficiency was a key consideration for these well-considered designs, from room orientation to the use of high-quality windows, sunshade, and natural ventilation. These ‘green’ homes have achieved a 5-star Green Star rating. 

Tectvs designed functional, up-to-date, chic homes that help to build upon the local identity of Bowden, adding to it, rather than merely replicating its rich built-history.

Guild Terraces: Welcome
Guild Terraces: Gallery
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