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Halifax St. Precinct Development, Adelaide

A new frontier for developer and buyer alike in Adelaide at the turn of the century

Adelaide’s historic first ‘brownfields’ residential development involved the remediation of the City Council’s industrial works depot and construction of 240 new townhouses and apartments on the 2.2-hectare site in the heart of the city. Tectvs’ original template for the development was so successful that the remaining stages sold off the plan. 

Tectvs’s first input was at the conceptual stage regarding how the project would take shape after the building of the initial ‘marketing’ dwellings. Our involvement in the master planning, as well as the development of a staged construction program, included heritage planning for the conversion of the old city incinerator and related structures into the now landmark “The Greek on Halifax” café-restaurant. Other elements of the master plan included the provision of community and public housing and shared space. The contemporary designed townhouses and apartments resulted in a massive upswing in demand. The strength of the project was Tectvs’s ability to create a selection of price and accommodation levels for two and three-bedroom townhouses and apartments, including the five-storey Lumiere apartment building.

The $45-million three-stage development was completed in 2005, well ahead of schedule. Its success has been promoted both anecdotally by the enthusiasm of its largely owner-occupants and statistically by the significant premiums enjoyed on, sometimes successive, resale.

Tectvs, as the Architect, provided the catalyst for success.

Halifax Street Precinct Development: Welcome
Halifax Street Precinct Development: Gallery
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