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Luminaire Apartments, Bowden

Stacking, stepping, and framing became key form generators, surfacing bold geometries into the materiality and form of the facade.

National Award for Medium Density Housing, Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence, 2016

Two energetic residential apartments overlook a tree-lined piazza between 5th and 6th Street at the new Bowden development. At four and five storeys’ respectively, Luminaire caters to a wide range of residencies, from studio to three-bedroom, revealing themselves within the striking facade that draws on the industrial topology of the former Clipsal factory site. With Luminaire apartments Tectvs provided the spark to light up the burgeoning site, redefining city living in a suburb that will eventually be home to 3,500 residents.  

Harkening back to similar techniques used in industrial brick making, our architecture drew on the heritage of the former Clipsal factory by weaving Luminaire’s aesthetics with industrial rigour. The re-appearing forms were coloured, with windows variably and contemporarily inserted to render a postmodern overlay of geometric elements.  Inside, light is key to the high-quality amenity in the end-product. Designing light into the open-plan living and bedroom spaces drove the program of the building. Rather than being corridors, the central passageways are treated like bridges in the sky. Individual apartments are governed around full width balconies of a generous 2.5m depth, allowing them to function as outdoor rooms. Communal corridor spaces are bathed in brightness from light wells. Natural light is coupled with a mix of active and passive ventilation strategies to provide a comfortable living atmosphere and a 5-Star Greenstar rating. 

Luminaire Apartments: Welcome
Luminaire Apartments: Gallery
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