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Parafield Gardens R-7 STEM, Parafield Gardens

Working together to engineer a better future!

The refurbishment of Parafield Gardens R7 STEM aimed to ensure students had the best learning environment to discover and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required for their education success in the 21st century. An essential project objective for Tectvs was to design colourful, fun, welcoming spaces, inviting to the entire school community. All areas had to be flexible so that they encouraged a more collaborative style of learning across all the year levels. 

As the Architect, Tectvs successfully achieved all project milestones and objectives. A collaborative, flexible learning space/facility was designed and connected to the existing resource centre. The new area could easily be adapted to cater to different class sizes and configurations, group and individual working opportunities and a range of hands-on activities. We also designed a practical wet area that connected to the resource centre. The wet area allows for a range of learning programs and activities, from food technology and preparation to science experiments and construction activities. As part of the refurbishment, students and teachers now can access several new flexible indoor learning/collaborative spaces. Lastly, an adjoining outdoor courtyard was repurposed into an interactive school garden, providing a space for students to become further engaged with nature; allowing the students to gain valuable knowledge in areas including food production, water use and solar energy.

Tectvs designed a student “hive” where students, together with their teachers, can investigate, innovate and collaborate.

Parafield Primary R-7 STEM works: Welcome
Parafield Primary R-7 STEM works: Gallery
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