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Tectvs, actively engaging with the next generation of architects

Tectvs understand the importance of education, and we know that sharing our knowledge, skills, and experience will help to educate and grow the next generation of Architects. Tony Giannone has been a facilitator in the TAP International Design Workshop program, a tripartite studio that brings students together from Tongji University (Shanghai, China), University of Adelaide (Australia) and Politecnico di Milano (Mantova Campus), since 2014. The students involved in this year's workshop are in Adelaide from 7 – 19 July 2019, and today we welcomed them to the Adelaide, Tectvs Office, where they had their very first design studio visit. All students eagerly listened to Francesco Bonato, hearing all about Tectvs - a practice with 30 years of experience in delivering innovative, sustainable, award-winning architecture.



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