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St Georges Library 01.jpg

St George College Library, 

Mile End

The best library allows you to read the community as much as the books inside it

Master Builders Excellence Award, Excellence in a Commercial Refurbishment/Redevelopment up to $5 Million, 2010

The Federal Government’s BER works program provided fortuitous impetus for St George College plans to build a new library at its Mile End campus. As a relatively new school, founded in 1983, with modern facilities and a historic significance as the first Greek Orthodox college in South Australia, the college prides itself on providing a contemporary learning experience for its students.

Tectvs, as master planner and Architect for the school, helped deliver and integrate a number of new facilities and learning centres at the campus, including an e-learning centre, visual arts centre and hospitality trade training centre. The old library was painfully inadequate for a school of 700 students, able to cope with only one class at a time. The new facility provided some technical challenges for Tectvs in that it had to straddle an existing building and resolve safety and accessibility issues. The functional outcome exceeded the school’s expectations, including expanding user capacity to three classes simultaneously.

The library quickly became the hub of the school.

St George College Library: Welcome
St George College Library: Gallery
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