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Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project, Woodville West

The first stage of the project involved the master planning, design and construction of a new, higher density community of 400 townhouses and apartments

Tectvs was engaged as the Architect for stage one of the Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal project. Specifically, we were involved with the master planning, design, and construction of a new, higher density community of 400 townhouses and apartments.

Woodville West was a $130-million commitment by the South Australian Government to the Department of Social Services, National Affordable Housing Agreement. The Agreement promoted urban renewal as a vehicle for providing more choice in the type, tenure, and location of housing and reducing concentrations of disadvantaged people within the community. The development drivers included affordability, sustainability, and the management of an ageing population with an increasing demand for smaller accommodation close to services, shops, and transport. Housing SA’s requirement was for a suite of sustainable and responsive housing products in a development that created a civic identity and a sense of place through integration with neighbouring precincts. A broader aim was to reinvigorate a tired physical and social landscape and create a successful model for ongoing community renewal. 

Tectvs provided the architectural context for the master plan as well as developed the concept designs for a range of dwelling types, including detailed drawings for development approval. The design team developed a series of layouts for single, two, and three-storey townhouses and apartments. The designs were contemporary and driven by our experience and success in designing a diverse mix of medium and high-density developments. 

With a low-cost point and stringent sustainability imperatives, including a 6-star Green Star energy rating, the contemporary townhouse and apartment designs were fresh, disarmingly simple and enthusiastically embraced by residents and neighbouring interests.

Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project: Welcome
Woodville West Neighbourhood Renewal Project: Gallery
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